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I want to give the new scrolling behavior in Lion a try (both on the built-in as well as on the magic trackpad).

But on my Mouse (a Logitech Anywhere MX), I don't want reverse scrolling. In preferences, it seems as if there were two different settings (one in the mouse prefPane, the other in the trackpad prefPane), however changing one always changes the other.

Is it possible to set this behavior independently?

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Currently in Lion the preference for reverse scrolling sets the direction for both mice and trackpads.

If you want to switch directions quickly you might look into Scrollreverser which puts the option in the menubar.

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Scrollreverser (free app) actually supports configuring the scrolling direction for each kind of device separately.

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Free but closed-source. –  moala Feb 4 '14 at 10:02
Scrollreverser is awesome. –  Weibo Li Sep 30 '14 at 6:49

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