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Setting up mail on my iPhone, I didn't see an option for MS Live Mail/Hotmail. I understand (due my mastery of search engines) that there are a few options. What's the best?

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The priority for accessing any email service would be:

  1. Exchange: Push email, folders, syncs read/unread status, contact sync, calendar sync
  2. IMAP: Folders, syncs read/unread status
  3. POP3: Bare bones email reading, usually only useful for a single client unless you "keep a copy on the server"

It seems that some people have had success using Exchange; IMAP seems to require either a premium account or 3rd party software; and POP3 is possible for free accounts.

Keep an eye on Apple's page as they will probably update it as new solutions are added by Microsoft.

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Microsoft has now "Exchange-enabled" all hotmail accounts.… – BradC Apr 20 '11 at 20:29

From what I understand, Microsoft doesn't allow Hotmail IMAP access. The workaround is IzyMail. I haven't tried it, but it seems like it works as an intermediary between the iPhone and Hotmail servers in order to get a "simulated" IMAP experience lol.

Senseful's post has a good information. I use Exchange for my work email, calendars and contacts, and I love it. Gmail works really well with IMAP, and I really do not like POP3 from past experiences.

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You should also note that izymail doesn't appear to be a free service. – KronoS Mar 17 '11 at 4:30
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Came back to add an update:

In iOS 5 or later, you can add Microsoft Hotmail natively on the "add account" setup screen.

(In May, 2012, I started getting errors in my iPhone Exchange account setup, so I had to delete the account and re-connect via the iOS Hotmail account setup).

See for setup instructions.

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