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I have installed a new XCode 4 on a machine and I'd like to copy/paste the syntax coloring settings from the first one to the new one. How may I do this ?

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Custom syntax color themes are located in


(Note that this directory may not exist if you've not yet modified any of your themes or haven't created a custom theme of your own, but will be created as soon as you do.)

The files have a .dvtcolortheme extension. Simply retrieve the file from that directory and copy it into the same directory on another machine.

I quite like Ethan Schoonover's Solarized themes; I find them to be very readable and easy on the eyes, and can be installed as explained above.

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I found this answer while looking how to move the new (at the time of writing this answer) Civic theme in Xcode 8 to Xcode 7.3. Now themes are bundled inside of the Xcode application's bundle at following path:

Also Xcode8 theme has extension xccolortheme while Xcode7.3 has dvtcolortheme. From my experience - it's safe change the extension without modifying the file itself.

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