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Is there a way to sync iTunes podcast subscriptions across two iTunes installations; one on a Mac and the other on a W7 ?

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You can copy the list of subscriptions between them, but I don’t know how to keep them in sync.

  1. In the sidebar of the first iTunes installation, select Podcasts, right click, then click Export. I use the OPML file type, but others might work. (Let’s call it Podcasts.opml).

  2. Using a USB stick, Dropbox, or some other method, transfer Podcasts.opml to the computer with the second iTunes installation.

  3. Select File > Add to Library, and find Podcasts.opml. Once you open it, your second iTunes installation will have the same podcast subscriptions as the first.

Two comments:

  • This won’t keep them in sync; if your podcast subscriptions change, you’ll need to repeat the above to carry the changes across.
  • There may well be a much easier method, using something like Home Sharing or Dropbox, to keep the single library file synced between the two machines.
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