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Is there any alternative to Windows' Baretail?

What I am looking for is a graphical Baretail? Actually, I don't really care that it is graphical but I want to be able to have colors (lines with ERROR in red, lines with WARNING in yellow and so on...) And I want it to behave like a "perfect" tail -f command meaning that I want it to be non-invasive (does not prevent the file deletion). But always on the watch (if a file is deleted, and recreated and re-written in it then the tool would just start showing it again).

In any case, any tool that does a better graphical interpretation of tail -f is welcome.

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Added an up vote. Hope that bumps this somehow. I'm desperate for something OSX-native with the features of bare tail. –  Matthew Lund May 27 '12 at 22:06

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While it does not do colorization, if you use tail -F (big F as opposed to little f), the tail activity will continue following a file if it's deleted and/or truncated and replaced with a new file of the same name.

Verbatim from the tail(1) man page:

The -F option implies the -f option, but tail will also check to see if the file being followed has been renamed or rotated. The file is closed and reopened when tail detects that the filename being read from has a new inode number. The -F option is ignored if reading from standard input rather than a file.

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I've been using "Console" as a general log viewer. (Comes with the Mac as a system utility)

You can open up files and it'll act like tail but then also has filter abilities. No color coding (that i'm aware of)...

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This is an alternative, Glogg, and it is expected to be released for Mac soon.

I couldn't find much more than this.

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Yeah thanks.I guess I'm gonna have to stick with the good old tail -f in the Terminal :D –  tisek Jul 12 '11 at 21:03
It's been two years and that page still says "A Mac OS X version is also expected soon." LOL. At least it's open source, so this remains an answer for anybody willing to do some additional heavy lifting :) –  Chris W. Rea Sep 13 '13 at 13:04
I'm a huge fan of BareTail and have recently made the switch over to linux. For anyone that stumbles across this in the future it seems to be the closest thing to BareTail that I've found in my searches. It even has the regex matching for line highlighting and all that. –  Frito Mar 15 '14 at 15:00


Install with

brew install multitail

enter image description here

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