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Textmate has been around for a while, I bought it in 2006. Is it possible to split windows horizontally and or vertically on Textmate nowadays? Probably someone out there made a kind of Plugin for this :-/ Like C-x 2 when I'm on GNU Emacs to split horizontally or C-x 3 to split vertically and have flexible control on each windows' width or :split on ViM.

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The only thing I could find is seandunn/window-buddy.tmbundle - GitHub:

Window Buddy is a bundle to add basic window management to TextMate

Sorry but... WORK IN PROGRESS!

Currently it's a bit rough and incomplete but the aim is to provide pseudo split window editing by using auxiliary windows in TextMate.

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As far as I know this feature is still not possible. Mind you many people have discussed this and it is a very south-out feature

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