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My lovely son spilled apple juice on my laptop keyboard.

It works, but it feels like it has grit under the keys and sticks a bit.

How do I clean it out?

I remember old keyboards could be just banged hard against the desk... I presume thats a bad idea though...

It's a macbook pro 15 inch laptop

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You can actually remove the keys, clean them and then replace them again.

Follow this link to see how it's done:

The problem with liquid damage is that although the laptop may work fine now, if the juice has got onto the Logic Board, it can cause corrosion over time, which will more than likely cause issues.

However, I do hope this is not the case! Good luck!

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True indeed. I spilled wine on my old MacBook Pro and quickly cleaned it up. It seemed to be fine so I thought nothing more of it. Months down the road it started having issues, and corrosion from the spilled liquid was deemed to be the culprit. – michaelmichael Jul 5 '11 at 23:24

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