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I am looking for a visual tail tool that can monitor several local or remote log files.

Optional features that interest me: color highlight based on special words, filtering, notifications on new activity.

It would be nice to be a free, if possible :)

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You may try to use a combination of multitail and ssh.

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I forgot to say that I am looking for something that I could use as a dashboard. – sorin Jul 1 '11 at 14:24

I found a tool that can do this GeekTool, it even has a version that works on Lion (see the forum).

It can be used to do just simple tails, without filtering or other stuff, so maybe someone has a better alternative.

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Survlog ($)

Costs money but they do not say a thing about this on their web. I tried to install the app but it told me that it expired. Something is fishy...

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PostRemoteLog (free)

PostRemoteLog has Growl notifications support and it is free.

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While I haven't used it myself yet, I recently discovered It appears to meet all your criteria.

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Only for the sake of completeness it shall be said, that there is a tool for Mac OS X with highlighting on keywords and some other features. It's called Logtastic

I know, this is an old post, but maybe someone finds this useful?! :)

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