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Is it possible to install some configuration profile on an iOS Device that will always have the user connected to a VPN without having them input his/her username/password each time one tries to connect?

In other words, our current setup has users connecting to a VPN via the "Settings" App on the iPad (using IPSec). With this setup, our users are prompted for his/her password each time he/she tries to connect to the VPN.

We are trying to avoid prompting for a UN/PW and having our users go to the Settings app in the first place, so is there any way to force a VPN connection, and therefore always stay connected via the iPhone Configuration Utility?

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You can configure the VPN setting on your ipad, iphone or ipod touch to save the User Name and Password for VPN. I don't know of a way to have it constantly connect the VPN whenever the is a connection. Given the time it takes to establish a VPN handshake, it would be kind of frustrating to wake the device then not be able to connect to any internet/network related Apps for 15+ seconds while it connects to the VPN.

Choose Settings > General > Network > VPN > then choose the VPN Configuration. Fill in in the username a password section and then you can just turn the VPN on when you need it and not have to fill out the User Name and Password.

more info:

Alternative you could look at something like Apple's Mobile Access server, to give you that secured VPN like connection all the time without the hassle of starting a VPN connection:

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Mobile Access was removed in Lion Server. The following document on Apple's support site has the details Migration & Updating to OS X Lion – Athir Nuaimi Jan 7 '13 at 16:15

You can configure your server to only accept a certificate which you add to your iPad(s). That way, the user won't have to to anything special, he/she just attempts to make the connection (let's say check their email) and the connection will be made over SSL, using the certificate present on the ipad.

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