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What utility or tool that runs which under Mac OS X 10.6 can I use to extract data (icon images and strings, etc.) from old Mac OS 7 (and earlier) resource files/resource forks? (...files created using ResEdit.)

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Rezycle might work for you. Let us know.

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Abet slightly unstable, the resource editor Rezilla runs under 10.7.4.

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On OSX you can access the raw resource fork of a file like this:

cp resource_file/..namedfork/rsrc  resource_fork

There's also the system utilities DeRez/Rez (available in OSX 10.7 and some other versions) which allows for extraction of resource fork data into a form for use by the Rez resource compiler - e.g. extract icon data from an Icon file:

DeRez -only icns Icon^M > icon

It should be noted that the resulting files from both of the above commands require additional processing to convert the resources to a suitable form.

See related question on Icon files.

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