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Is there a way to watch Youtube videos without Flash installed on Safari?

If not, are there any other solutions?

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There should be a preference thing on YouTube to select HTML5, but they've reorganized the page so many times since I last tracked it down that I have no idea where it is now.

Instead, I have ClickToFlash installed (it's under "Most Popular" in the Safari Extensions Gallery); open its preferences (Safari Preferences... > Extensions) and you can tell it to always use HTML5 for YouTube and other sites that support HTML5 in place of Flash.

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Yes, most YouTube videos are also available as HTML5 videos. You need to sign in to YouTube and join the HTML5 trial -- see for details.

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You say "most" and that's what I'm seeing - some work, some require Flash. Weird! – Marc Mar 29 '13 at 19:01

I use the FlashToHTML5 Extension, works great!

FlashToHTML5 replaces the CPU and memory hogging YouTube Flash Player with a HTML5 player. Not only will it look nicer, you will also notice that your computer will run cooler and faster. If you use a laptop, you will also notice that the battery life of a fully charged battery will increase.

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FlashToHTML5 appears to be very buggy almost broken with YouTube and Safari 6.0.2. The recently re-written Safari plugin YouTube5 is much better but only works with YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

A custom designed HTML5 player to replace the usable, but very limited built-in player.

  • Support for Vimeo and Facebook video.
  • The ability to switch video resolutions within the player, without having to access Safari’s preferences.
  • Support for downloading videos from YouTube and Facebook.
  • A fully functional volume control, rather than just a mute button.
  • Support for displaying the video’s title, author, and source, in a video overlay, along with a link back to the video’s page on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
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These plugins should also work with Safari+Ninjakit:

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