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I have a co-worked whose name is Jennett. In Pages, I added her to my local dictionary (located at ~/Library/Spelling/LocalDictionary) by right-clicking on her name and choosing Learn Spelling.

However, OS X is not flagging Jennet with one "t" as being misspelled.

How can I make Jennet with one "t" be flagged as being misspelled?

I assume this problem stems from the fact that jennet—a female donkey—is found in the OS X dictionary. However, given that I don't write much about donkeys, let alone female donkeys, I'd prefer to be notified when I'm misspelling a co-workers name.

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Removing words from the built-in dictionary is apparently more difficult than I thought it would be. Since your question is about how to prevent a particular misspelling of your co-worker's name, I have an alternate solution.

You can add "Jennet" to Mac OS X's text substitution list in System Preferences -> Language & Text -> Text

enter image description here

It will automatically correct the spelling for you each time you misspell it. You could add other variant misspellings for completeness, like "Jenet" or even make it auto-capitalize "jennett", but since most other misspelling variants don't have obscure English homonyms these will show up as misspellings.

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Not a real answer, but a great workaround. – zevlag Jun 23 '11 at 20:17
I can no longer write about female donkeys, but now my co-worker's name will no longer be misspelled. Thanks. – Matthew Rankin Jun 24 '11 at 14:28

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