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Visor is a plugin for that allows usage of quake-console-style terminal access. Are there any alternatives to this plugin?

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The hotkey window in iTerm2 works well for this, but with one catch - it only works if iterm2 is open (it doesn't have to be focused or in the foreground, but it must be running).

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Try TotalTerminal ( It's by the author of Visor, but doesn't require SIMBL to function. And it works flawlessly on Lion.

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For quickly executing simple commands, DTerm can be an excellent solution. It can execute simple, non-interactive commands without opening a terminal window, or you can press + to have it execute the command in a Terminal/iTerm window.

I think of DTerm as a sort of CLI app launcher, similar to common GUI app launchers like Alfred, Quicksilver, LaunchBar, or even Spotlight.

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Well, I always ask Alfred to give me the stuff I want, so my Hotkey would be

alt + Space and then i this will invoke Alfred and select iTerm2

enter image description here

It's more than a keystroke, but Alfred gives me so much power :)

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