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So... Over the period of 2 years owning my beloved iPhone 3GS, I have found many useful apps that I use very frequently. However, in the process of finding these apps, I have also downloaded much, much more crappy apps.

With the introduction of the "Purchased" section on the App Store, many of the hundreds of apps I downloaded (mostly crappy) have popped up again. The apps are an eyesore and clutter up the whole space. Is there a way for me to delete them (from my account) forever, or at least hide them?

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Sorry but there is no way, at this time, to remove purchased (include free) apps on iTunes AppStore. Same problem with the Mac AppStore.

I've already asked for this feature at iTunes Feedbacks, and you can do the same to do understand to Apple what we want.

The ability to hide purchases from the iOS app store should cover most real-life situations where you would normally delete a past purchase. It also protects those who have lost control of their accounts and someone maliciously deletes past purchases. The idea that the past is unchangeable, but we wish to hide some items from prominence works for many.

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gah, the generic answer –  user6124 Jun 17 '11 at 11:45
@bckbck - Specific answer, just not what you were hoping for. –  Dan Ray Jun 17 '11 at 12:30
the last part is the generic part –  user6124 Jun 17 '11 at 13:16
You prefer : "find a job at Apple R&D and impose your idea" ? –  Bil_fr Jun 17 '11 at 13:48

iTunes 10.5 is now released and contains this feature. Go to iTunes Store > Purchased > Apps and then you can click the X to Hide purchases.

Note that there is still a new section "Hidden Purchases" where you can view the ones you've hidden (and the ability to unhide them.)

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No, but customer feedback certainly drove this feature and more feedback might bring about the filtering you desire.

I would use recommendations more if I could select some downloads to ignore.

Control over filtering out purchased items from the re-download list would make that feature so much more useful.

Control is always nice, but once one has 300 apps on iTunes and have deleted 100 after never using them again, the list can have a large portion of duds as it stands.

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