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A large proportion of contacts I have gained over the years have more than two current numbers.

Examples include: home, work, mobile; home, NZ work no., US work no., Spanish work no; etc

I have only worked out how to add two numbers to particular contact; after that, when you click add there is no other options.

This is crazy, this is 2010, I must be doing something wrong, can you help me out?

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I can add as many phone numbers as I want on the iPhone. When you're in edit mode in the contact, there's always a blank line under current phone numbers where you can start typing a new one.

If you click on the label of the number, you can select a label (work, home) and even a custom label if you scroll to the bottom of the label selection list.

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So I haven't actually owned an iphone in about 6months but a friend recently got one and had this problem, and I remember being confused about it when I owned one. Has it always been like this, or are we just unimaginably thick? – SCdF Sep 16 '10 at 7:33
@SCdF - I think it has always been like this but I'm not sure either. My first iPhone was 3GS with iPhone OS 3. – Jacob Gorban Sep 17 '10 at 12:20
@JacobGorban My iPhone 4S has the entry "Add Custom Label" at the bottom of the label-picker screen, below all of my existing custom labels. – CajunLuke Aug 20 '12 at 23:12

When you enter a phone number for the contact, immediately below that number should appear a new place to enter another phone number. You can change the type of phone like work, home, iPhone, blackberry, etc.

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