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just got my first mac os computer.

installed quick silver. (I rely heavily on launchy in windows)

so, the cool feature i was able to achieve on windows using launchy, is that after saving "quick search" i can search any site before even opening the browser.


alt+space "g (tab) mac forum"

this will open my browser with search results for "mac forum"

this is because i saved google quick search under "g" but it will also work with any other search i.e. "a" for amazon "wp" for wikipedia etc..

how can i recreate this in mac os?

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This is easy and commonly done in Quicksilver.

Make sure you have the newest Web Search plug-in from

There are some predefined searches you can use, or you can add your own. Look around page 90 of the manual. You might also want to see this post.

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This is not a straight answer, but a quick one. You might want to quickly look at Alfred app, it has a few quick tools there.

I used it but have not made a full used of what it has to offer yet.

Alfred Web Search Items Alfred Web Search Preferences

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thanks, yah i def checked out alfred and love it. but it doesn't quite do this. it can index safari links.. but it wouldn't do the quick search.. – Sonic Soul Jul 12 '11 at 1:41
Yes it does. Your three built in requests (Google, Amazon, Wikipedia) are the default. And there are so many more, and more are ridiculously easy to add. – Jason Salaz Sep 12 '11 at 17:10

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