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The current behavior for an upward four-finger swipe on the trackpad is to move all Windows to the side and display your desktop. I personally have no use for this since I keep absolutely nothing on my desktop. Is there a way to reassign this gesture to something else?

For instance, I'd like to reassign it to Activate Spaces, since I'm a heavy Spaces user.

I'd prefer a non-third party solution to this, if such a solution exists within the bowels of OSX somewhere. If not, a third-party solution will suffice.

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Possible a duplicate, but of course BetterTouchTool

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duplicate of which question? I couldn't find any "related" that asked what I'm asking. I'll have a look at BetterTouchTool if that's my only option, but I'd much prefer to have non-3rd party solution, if possible (question updated to say as much). – whaley Jun 13 '11 at 18:40

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