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I tried to download the "Dictionary Free" app from the App Store four days ago, but it's been stuck in "Waiting" ever since. I've tried everything: rebooting the phone, restoring from an iTunes backup, side-loading the app from iTunes, but nothing has worked.

When I turn Airplane Mode on and then off again, I get an alert popup that says "Unable to download application. It will be available for download when you log in to the iTunes Store on your computer".

I've tried what it recommends, but nothing seems to work.

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When you did the restore from backup, was the app already in "waiting" mode, or did you have to go to the App Store to initiate the download? Second, what version of iOS are you on? 4.3.3? – Kerri Shotts Jun 14 '11 at 3:07
I am using latest 4.3.3 only. Sometimes app be in Waiting or in Loading mode. After this problem I have downloaded that App from iTunes Macbook and performed restore. I have observed something... while clicking on that particular App on iphone sometimes it shows downloaded for 2 seconds and i have opened that Dictionary app in iphone 2 times.. but as soon as I close the app.. that app start showing in Waiting/Loading again. – Tariq- iPHONE Programmer Jun 14 '11 at 5:36
Appstore looks like too funny.... Just saw my that pending App.. now it has been installed successfully. I was messing around here and there... restore process since 4 days.. and nothing helped me... and now its automatically installed... Strange :-| – Tariq- iPHONE Programmer Jun 14 '11 at 6:45
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The springboard has several mechanisms to prevent this from being a permanent situation, but sometimes it falls down. Normally you can cancel a download cleanly. I generally follow this advice to "help" the springboard finish or abort the download transaction:

However, you could have your springboard stuck and a restore is needed. This is discussed here:

With the information you provided, it's difficult to tell which of the two causes is happening on your phone.

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I've been fighting with this for several days now, and I think I finally cracked it. Check your iTunes Downloads (iTunes->More->Downloads) in iOS for stuck downloads. I had a music video that appears to have been gumming up the works.

Prior to pausing that download I had tried rebooting, logging out of iTunes and all the other suggestions on lots of other blogs/sites/forums.

(Sorry, I have this answer in a few place, the question has a few duplicates)

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Looks like your problem issue was solved by itself but next time here's one thing you can try: jailbreaking.

At very least you'd be able to ssh into the system and try to see what's wrong and perform a high number of tests if you're willing to go deep enough into the rabbit's hole.

For the record, I've had similar issues while installing apps, except they never lasted for even 1 day.

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I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that if this App Store problem bewilders a user, Jailbreaking/SSH/everything else would be even more bewildering. – Jason Salaz Sep 2 '11 at 16:59
@Jason I didn't though of that angle. While that's kinda what I meant with the whole point, I must admit I didn't notice the user in this case could already be bewildered enough without JB. – cregox Sep 11 '11 at 5:10

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