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I prefer installing stuff from their source and dont use package managers generally. Has anyone here tried building python2.4 from source here? If so, had any luck with the same?

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I use package managers which build from source to see where the issues are and how they were fixed - so I can just look at the patches from the package manager to see the issues - or for python just get it from – Mark Jun 6 '11 at 11:57

Probably you have some troubles building it from a sources. My 0.02$:

In the files subdir you can see the needed patches to sources, but especially the patches needed to the Makefile and configure, for the successful build. Use the above as a learning material for your own build process.

Ps: only wondering, what is wrong with Why does not use it directly? All things are builded/compiled on your machine from the sources and you can always check the patches and so on... (so, no binary installs).

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