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I am looking for a generic TWAIN driver for OS X, one that would not need additional hardware. I just want to use it for testing TWAIN.

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All I need is to install a driver that will enable me to open its window from an TWAIN enabled application. – sorin Jun 3 '11 at 12:35
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I solved my problem by installing the demo version of VueScan. If someone else find a free tool that installs a driver that is visible in Photoshop, I will accept his answer :)

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In OS X TWAIN is not "The Scanner Standard" as in windows. For OS X several scanner manufacturers make TWAIN drivers and some others make plugins into various applications and not TWAIN, so IMHO you cannot rely (only) on TWAIN.

For the testing/developent TWAIN/SANE may help you - check this link:

Access scanners via SANE - and enable the TWAIN datasource.

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