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I need to charge, overnight, about 12 ipads in 1 location. Are there pre-made charging stations? Should I just buy a surge protector with a ton of plugs? Do you have any other idea or advice?

I wanted to have a single computer to synchronize all the iPads. Will I have to synchronize them individually? If not, how many iPods can be synchronized at the same time?

I have 12 iPads I need to charge and synchronize. How can I do this efficiently and attractively?

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Datamation offers a multi-charge/sync setup now, and apparently Parat solutions has one in the works.

If you're looking to build your own, the Datamation unit uses a Cambrionix C3 board with 16 USB ports for charging and syncing. You could integrate it into your own solution.

You could also just get a 12+ port USB charger, however charging and syncing may take significantly longer this way. The Datamation site has some charge/sync time tech specs that support this.

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Thanks for your answer. This certainly gets me well on my way to finding my solution. – gtaylor85 May 31 '11 at 15:52

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