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I tried using pwpolicy to set this up. I was able to set up maxFailedLoginAttempts, but setting minutesUntilFailedLoginReset doesn't seem to do anything. When I query pwpolicy using:

 pwpolicy -n /Local/Default -getglobalpolicy

I keep seeing that minutesUntilFailedLoginReset=0 even though I just set it to 60. I even tried changing this for one user, and it claims it was changed but when I query the user's policy or the effective policy nothing has changed.

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Post the commands you’re using to set the pwpolicy please. Thanks. – Martín Marconcini Sep 22 '10 at 13:40

I’m assuming that you’re aware that pwpolicy doesn’t affect Admin accounts (tho it may show you otherwise, leading to believe that it does).

I also asume that you’re running the commands as sudo or at least have tried.

Other than that, I haven’t tried that value myself. As a side (and curious) note the minutesUntilFailedLoginReset is not in the manpage for pwpolicy.

man pwpolicy
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I used a standard account (not an admin) for my tests. I ran the commands using sudo. It is weird that minutesUntilFailedLoginReset isn't in man. Thanks. – beerncircus Sep 29 '10 at 14:04
I couldn’t find other reference to it in the OS X documentation, I think you might be out of luck. Leave the question open to see if somebody comes in the future with a better idea. Good luck! – Martín Marconcini Sep 30 '10 at 10:03

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