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I used preview to merge 5 pdf files, of total size of 800k. All pdf have no graphs. However the resulting file size is 10MB...

I then tried Acrobat, under similar simple method I got a combined pdf of 750kb.

So why is preview so inefficient? Or Have I just misconfigured sth.?

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I can't really answer as to why it's so inefficient, but i've had the same problem, and i got around it by using free Quartz filters from Jerome Colas.

This post on the Apple discussion boards has the details, but the link is broken, an extra * on the end breaks it, it should be

Download, unzip, and add the "Filters" folder to your Library folder.

To use, open a PDF in Preview, click File > Save As, then select Quartz Filter, and the level of compression. Preview Save As dialog box

I believe that Jerome is exposing something that already exists in OSX, but certainly, it's a good solution that works well for me, allowing me to get a good balance between quality and filesize.

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