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Is there an app out there that I can have on my mac that does the following:

Basically if I am on a website on my macbook, I want to be able to click a button on the browser and the same page to pop open wirelessly on my ipad.

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You should check out Handoff.

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I've been using Handoff for at least a year. I feel like the push notification used to be faster — almost instantaneous — but now there's a little bit of a delay between when I send the page and the push notification comes through. If I'm in the Handoff app on my iPad, though, I get it right away. – beverson Jan 24 '12 at 14:44

Not natively, but as others have pointed out, some third party software does that.

In iOS 5, you'd be able to save it to a bookmark (or a "reading list") that will be synced automatically to your iPad through iCloud. That's the closest one I can think of. Just make a bookmark folder of "Open on iPad", and put it on your bookmarks bar.

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Here's a list of options thus far.

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Also check out prowl, and the browser add-ons that go with it. I use Send2Prowl for firefox.

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Ansible is a good option.

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