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I need to batch a process that requires me to automate some key presses. All I need to be able to do is hit the enter key, wait 5 seconds, hit the enter key again, wait 5 minutes, and then cmd + w to close the current window.

In the MacOS 9 days I would use OneClick by WestCode software:

Is there a similar tool for MacOS X, Snow Leopard specifically? In this particular instance I do not need to can the focus of windows or anything else. I just need to automate key presses within a program at various intervals.

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Have you tried to use automator and its record actions feature? Described here

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The "Watch Me Do" action in Automator doesn't record everything, unfortunately. – John Kramlich May 25 '11 at 23:00
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The closest thing I could find was to use a combination of Automator's "Watch Me Do" actions and AppleScript to simulate key presses. I wrote a tutorial and posted my Automator workflow here:

More info about AppleScript "System Events" for simulating key presses here:

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