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I'm looking for a dashboard sticky-type widget that I can "lock" so that it won't accept edits. I have a number of stickies that I place there with common terminal commands I use, but I have the nasty habit of hitting cmd+v instead of cmd+c when I select the command, and cmd+z doesn't undo the paste, which means I have to recreate the sticky.

Are there any widgets where I can lock the contents, and maybe even auto copy-to-clipboard on click/select?

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I'd like to introduce you to a different approach. I had a similar problem (not the copy/paste error, but that the notes were not really too cool to work with).

This was a long time ago, but since I switched to the free Notational Velocity, I haven't had issues, with the benefit of a very fast (instant) indexing and search in all the trash I want to save :)

Give it a look, it's open source and very simple to operate. It may give your Stickies approach some fresh air and you might like it :p

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