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I've just realized I can't send images from Mail on Ipad.

When a create a new draft there is not add image functionality, so I guess the only way is to email images from Photos.

However, what if I want to send an email with more than one image ?


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From the Photo app you can select up to 5 images and hit Share -> E-Mail. Maybe it's possible to mail more then 5 images when you select 5+ and the Copy them and Paste them in your E-Mail.

See this guide for reference: Send multiple photos at once on the iPad and iPhone

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It's worth noting that using the email option will limit you to 5 photos while using copy/paste will get you around that limitation. And I've read somewhere that the email option compresses the image, while copy paste will not. – Randy6T9 Jul 25 '11 at 1:48

Tapping on the icon will display more options, such as bulk copy or delete.

Copy option

Note: I reply becoz I can't add images to @timbooo comment.

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