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I have an external USB drive, which I've partitioned into separate FAT32 ("MOVIES") and OSX ("TIME_MACHINE") partitions:

enter image description here

I now wish to remove the FAT32 partition and just use the OSX partition.

Aside from reformating the disk with a single OSX partition, is it possible to:

  • remove/erase the FAT32 partition, then
  • expand the OSX partition to take up the entire drive

without losing the contents of the OSX partition?

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See Partitioning Software – grgarside Aug 15 '14 at 9:50
The whole drive died in the end, which was one way to resolve the issue... – Stephen Lead Jun 14 at 23:05
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Disk Utility can't do it, but iPartition can -

Tested on both GUID & MBR formatted drives.

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