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I am using keynote to make a presentation.

Let's say that following 3 lines. And the third line is something like

  • We are opening a section for kids
  • In June use 20% discout on all kids items
  • On all kids items 30 days money back guarantee

Next I want this to happen.

  • When I hit next then a big "X" come over slowly on "20%"
  • When I hit next then I want "20%" to be replaced by "40%"

How do I do that in keynote. I just purchased keynote so I am using the latest version.

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Use the Inspector tool to add build-in and build-out transition to your texts and cross.

You'll have 4 build order steps :

  1. cross fade in
  2. cross disappear
  3. text "20%" disappear
  4. text "40%" appear

Play with duration and 'start build' settings to obtain desired effect.
See for a screencast ;)

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That's super slick. Dude I owe you a beer. Lemme know if you are ever in Miami area. :-) – user998 May 14 '11 at 15:06

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