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The used disk space reported in About My Mac is inconsistent (MacBook Air, mid 2012).

MacBook Air, mid 2012

Notice that the used space for Apps is greater than my disk size. I tried different ways to fix it (Disk Utility, fsck command, etc.), but nothing helps.

Any suggestions?

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I won't post this as an answer because I am simply posting a link. Try the solutions discussed here: – aglasser Jul 23 '14 at 21:11
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These values come from the Spotlight index. So you could try rebuilding the Spotlight index to fix these values.

There are simple instructions from Apple here on how to rebuild the Spotlight index.

You can also do it from the command line using the mdutil command. You'll be prompted for your password to run this command.

sudo mdutil -E /

Please note, whichever way you perform this task, it will take a while to run.

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See here: 500gb take up space on my HD, but don't belong to any visible file or folder

In short:

  • not all apps report files moved to trash, but trahs not emptied
  • not all apps report backup files (esp. local snapshots of time machine)
  • not all apps report ther caches and indexes
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