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Can somebody help me find this wallpaper (image taken from I've looked all over the internet but couldn't find it.

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Apple sourced this image from Robbie George Photography. It's called "Lake Mattamuskeet", you'll find it on his page.

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Thank you! :-) Was trying to find it at least for a week but couldn't. – Aneef Jul 23 '14 at 4:50
The asker is not reproducing the image created by Robbie George. The asker is correctly attributing the Apple advertisement featuring an image by Robbie George, which makes it a derivative work. As such the question is Fair Use. The answerer also provides a link to the original creator’s site, citing the title. It is no different than a shopper asking another customer where to find a half-remembered brand of a product on the shelf of a grocery store. – jer-el Jul 23 '14 at 14:22

One way it could be done is to take the image you posted, and using Photoshop or other graphics editing app, magic-wand select the image on the iPad, copy and paste into its own layer, select it again and use the Edit menu >Transform > Skew to square the corners. Then save the now relatively rectangular image as a JPG or whatever and use that as your background pic.


Go to Google images and click on the camera icon:

enter image description here

Upload the file, and see what google finds for you. With luck, you'll find a hi-res royalty-free image.

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