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My Mom's iPhone used to be synced to my computer, a Mac. She recently got a new computer, a Windows laptop, so I set that up for her. I did a sync to the Windows laptop and that seems to work fine except that none of the existing music was deleted. I.E. We want it to be deleted.

When I try and sync all her music on the laptop, it complained that there was not enough space even though her entire library is less than half the phone's capacity.

Syncing an existing album duplicates the album inside Music. Syncing a new albums copies over the new album and that is manageable through iTunes. No existing music can be deleted. When I check "Manually manage music and videos", none of the existing music appears.

At the moment I have the following options checked:

    Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected
    Sync only checked songs and videos
Sync music
    Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres
        <Selected a new album>

The following questions do not help.

Device info

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone iOS 7.1.2
  • iTunes for Windows - just downloaded from website, I assume it is the latest but I cannot find "About"
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Does this answer solve your problem? –  sayzlim Jul 19 at 17:35
I suppose that is a possible work around, but surely there is an automated way? –  Megasaur Jul 22 at 2:13
Can you manually move the music in iTunes to your mother’s iPhone? Not syncing, but manually drag and drop to the iPhone on the iTunes’s sidebar. –  sayzlim Jul 22 at 5:29
Any new syncing works. I can set the manual management too. It's just the existing music that does not get synced. Deleting all the music and starting over may be what we have to do... –  Megasaur Jul 24 at 3:46

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