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When synchronizing Playlists between iTunes and an iPhone, by default, the playlists of iTunes are preferred - even if the iPhone's change is more current. I prefer to change my playlists on the go on my iPhone, so I want to change this behaviour. Is that possible?

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I'm unaware of any settings that this will work with iTunes/iPhone out of the box. But you could give iGadget X a try:

** iPad, iPod touch and iPhone Support **

iGadget (Windows and Mac) now supports the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. However, due to the limitation of the Notes feature on these devices, only the Music Transfer, Playlist Transfer and Music Listing functions are available when used with the iPad, iPod touch or iPhone.

enter image description here

PS: It's shareware ($19.99)

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Thanks for this tip, but I need full synch capabilities (especially Apps). Any way to use iTunes? – moonglum May 13 '11 at 7:14

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