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I've got an iPhone4 running 4.01 that is connecting to a DLink DI-624. I'm getting intermittent connections. Sometimes these are resolved by rebooting the router, sometimes not. Sometimes rebooting the phone fixes it, sometimes not.

Do people have similar problems with Apple products? What solutions have you found?

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Are you using WPA security? – Stu Wilson Mar 28 '12 at 19:36
I've had problems with D-Link routers on iOS 4.1. I never targeted the issue, but inevitably, my router needed to be reset once daily, or else all the devices/computers in my house wouldn't be able to connect to my WLAN. – Andrew Larsson Mar 28 '12 at 19:54
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Despite the good Upgrade to iOS 4.1 suggestion, bear in mind that certain routers are less resilient than others to a lot of traffic or odd situations (double DHCP servers, ip conflicts, etc).

I’d make sure that the router has the latest firmware. A local device (a PC, a Phone, etc.) should never crash a router. If your internet connection is being affected, blame the router 1st.

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You should upgrade to iOS 4.1 as it has several bug fixes, maybe you are experiencing a know problem that has been fixed in the latest release.

All reports from the new iOS 4.1 (made publicly available yesterday through iTunes Update), they always say it's much better, even on my iPhone 3G it's fantastic!

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While upgrading to newer iOS releases is not a bad idea, this is not going to solve your problem.

Over time, I discovered that there are many routers that are blocked or crashed by Apple devices. This is not Apple fault, it the bad router software and the ONLY solution is to upgrade the firmware or change it to an open-source alternative firmware.

Another alternative is to buy another router, preferably a better brand than Dlink. So far I prefer to pay double for a Cisco/Linksys router than loosing time due to a cheap one.

I tried cheap ones, and all I got was a lot of lost time.

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If you are using WPA, a lot of routers of that era had incomplete and broken WPA implementations. I had the same issue with an iPhone 3G back then. I had to bin the router as it had no updated firmware.

Try switching to WEP or no encryption for a short time to see if that stops the disconnects.

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