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So I posted earlier about recovoring an HFS+ partition on Windows.

I used Testdisk with awesome success.

Now I've run into another issue. The biggest issue is that I need to read AND write to my HFS+ disk in Windows 7. The best method that I've used is Macdrive. Unfortunately it appears that Macdrive refuses to even read the HFS+ partition now. I figure this is partly due to the fact that the 200mb EFI partition wasn't restored. So I did my best guess and restored it. Partition size wasn't the issue, the issue was the fact that I wasn't 100% sure on what type to make it. I chose EFI System, and FAT32. Was this the proper combination? Macdrive still fails to see it. I know when doing this process on a Mac, you're supposed to use the label "EE" But that's just a code. What does the code mean for filesystem type?

I want to note that I currently have read access using Apple's official drivers for Windows on bootcamp (however this is not a bootcamp machine).

I have to uninstall the Apple drivers to test Macdrive's functionality as they can't coexist.

Anyone have experience in this? I feel it's important to note that I don't have an active Mac at hand other than an old G4 with Tiger installed.

EDIT: I would like to append this with the question; What does ID EE mean? When performing a rebuild of this partition on a Mac, I've read that you have to use Partition ID EE. What does it mean for the type? This info could help me when rebuilding the partition using TestDisk on Windows, as I need to choose the partition type and am unsure of what to choose.

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