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I have a legal copy of Vista which I used to use before I had a drive failure on my mid 2010 27" iMac. Since then I've installed OSX Mavericks, and now it's telling me that only Windows 7 and 8 are supported via Boot Camp.

I tried circumventing this by booting from the Vista disk, but it won't let me install because now OSX uses GPT instead of MBR (or so it seems). I really don't want to have to buy Windows 7 since I only need Windows for a few games. Is there any way around or am I stuck?

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You can do it without using Boot Camp, just make this few steps:

  1. Install rEFIt.

  2. Resize your disk so you get some free space for vista.

  3. Create a new partition from that free space.

  4. Boot up your Mac with the Vista install disk inserted.

  5. Install Vista onto the new created partition.

If you need a more detailed How-To/Tutorial/Manual/Assist (or what ever you will call it), have a look here

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You will still need the Boot Camp support software, with the drivers on it. I'd recommend getting hold of a version of those for an earlier version of Boot Camp that does support Vista, though – Scott Earle Jul 2 '14 at 14:58
I think they are on my snow leopard dvd, right? – Jester87 Jul 2 '14 at 15:16
you can use Boot Camp to only create the driver cd/dvd. But you may get into trouble if you have a new Mac and would like to install an older OS such as XP or Vista. There is a Disscussion about that on the Apple Page – konqui Jul 3 '14 at 4:39

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