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Is there a way to force OSX to display in monochrome(also known as grayscale)?

I'm working with a student who has ADHD (and I am mildly ADHD myself). The colors are too much for him/her to handle.

EDIT: Ideally I'm looking to assign a keyboard shortcut or create a desktop icon.

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Yes, this can be achieved with AppleScript and Automator.

The setting to automate is located in:

System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Use Greyscale

The keyboard combination option + command + F5 also shows Accessibility options.

This Apple discussion, Keyboard shortcut for "Use grayscale", shows how to use AppleScript and Automator to create a menu bar item that toggles the Greyscale on/off.

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Might there be a way to define such to a shortcut? Maybe keyboard or dock icon? – William Jun 25 '14 at 5:22
@LiamWilliam In the Accessibility Pane, you can check "Show Accessibility status in the Menu Bar" for easy access to the pane. Also, the keyboard combination OPTION+COMMAND+F5 brings up accessibility controls. – njboot Jun 25 '14 at 6:09

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