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I have a 1st generation iPad and when I download apps it tells me “this requires iOS 6.0 or later” but when I go to update it tells me it's fully updated? Why is this happening, and is there any way I can fix it?

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See also… – Bryce May 15 '15 at 7:52

The latest iOS version your system supports is iOS 5.1.1. You won’t be able to update it to iOS 6.

Unfortunately, it means you won’t be able to install any app which requires iOS 6 or higher.

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Here's the easiest way to download apps on to your iPad 1. I know it works because I've done it. First, on your iPad 1, go to: Settings ==> Store ==> under "Apps" make sure it says 'OFF'.

Next go onto your computer (it doesn't matter if you're using PC or Mac) and open iTunes software. Then go to the iTunes store and download all the apps you want to be on your iPad.

If the iTunes on the computer and your iPad are both signed into the same Apple ID, and the iPad is connected to internet, then go on your iPad to App Store ==> Purchased ==> click on an individual app you want to install.

Once you select install you'll get a message pop up that says:

"The current version requires iOS 6.1 or later, but you can download the last compatible version." ==> Download

There that should at least allow you to have most apps on your iPad 1. Most of them will work, but sometimes even once you have the app installed on your iPad 1 it still won't run correctly. That's just tough luck. But in my experience that's not too common usually they work fine.

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I thought you only got the message to download the last compatible version if you had previously purchased the app when it was the current version for the older iOS. – pdd Sep 12 '14 at 1:43
This also works when you haven't purchased an app before. I donated an old iPad 1 after wiping it clean. The above method allowed the new user to install for instance Google Drive and other apps (but not Google+: that one refused). – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers Apr 9 at 16:41

As Édouard said: the latest supported iOS for your device is 5.1.1, and if an iOS application supports only newer iOS versions, then you can not install / update this application.

You could try to search for an similar application with the same features which supports older iOS versions.

Or you could try to contact the software developer / company and ask for a compatible version. I did that for my favorite media application, and they included my old device as beta tester... but this is unusual.

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I would reduce your answer to the actual answer part. – Édouard Jun 25 '14 at 21:00
As Apple changes the APIs and deprecates tons of methods, support for older iOS versions becomes difficult. And ARC totally ruins backwards compatibility. I know because I program for iPhone. Very frustrating. It's probably hard to get the developer to support an old version. – sudo Jun 25 '14 at 21:04
Downvoted, as this answer is purely subjective. Apple did not force you to buy new hardware. If you are happy with the hardware you have, and the software that runs on it, then don't upgrade. If you want to run newer programs, that require a newer OS, upgrade. It's very simple. In any case, please limit answers to FACTS and not opinions. – Charlie74 Jun 25 '14 at 22:44
Thank you for these hints - I tried to improve my answer by removing my emotions. Even if I still think that supporting old platforms has changed… 9000: Apple has changed their system features since they exist, but a longer time ago they did it by supporting old system. And they still do, but make it difficult. Just one example: in XCode you can still compile iOS apps for 4.3 (with full support for iOS 7 features), but they hide this. Charlie74: I would like to agree, but if someone bought hardware for very much money and all software stops to support it, then I can understand frustration too. – Martin Jun 30 '14 at 19:10

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