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I'm trying to view the SSL certificate for a web site on my iPad.

For example, how can I view the SSL certificate for this site?

Using Safari on the desktop, I can click on the small lock icon in the address bar to view the certificate details.

How do I do this on the iPad?

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I believe this feature does not yet exist in Mobile Safari -- probably because it's not in high demand, so it's not high on the development priority list.

Try submitting a feature request through the official Safari feedback form (select "iOS" as your operating system so they know you're referring to Mobile Safari):

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There is an app "SSL Detective". Works fine...

You can download the SSL Detective app from the Apple app store. It lets you connect to a URL on a port you specify and it will show you the certificates associated with that site (if any). An in-app purchase will apparently show more details on the certificates (I didn't purchase the upgrade as the free version worked for my need).

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