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On my MBP 2011 15.4 I am being forced by the Aiport Wireless adapter to re-enter my network settings every time i wish to connect to the wireless network, even when waking up from a sleep (i.e. closing the laptop).

The wireless network in question uses WPA-Enterprise security with a userid and pwd, it gets the same SID name and credentials everytime but even when the 'Remember this Network' is checked, it never remembers the network and i have to re-enter the information to be able to connect.

Any ideas for getting the wireless network definition to persist ?

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Is it just asking for your login credentials each time, or does it not even try connecting to the network at all? – Austin May 2 '11 at 19:36
Each time i connect, i have to go through the 'Join Other Network' option from the airport menu, and then add the Network name and logon credentials, works fine after i do that, but does not persist the definition – cameronka May 3 '11 at 0:14
Does this problem still persist? There are ways to troubleshoot whether it's a user setting, system setting or a bug / incompatibility, but if you can't reproduce it we might be better off closing this to new answers. – bmike Jun 8 '13 at 18:56

Perhaps something has gone awry with your network configuration, I would try creating a new network location, restarting and testing. You can do that by launching the Network Preference Pane, clicking on the location drop down, then select edit locations, hit the + sign in the box that pops up, then done, apply and restart.

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Worth a try: In the Network Preferences window under AirPort (or Wi-Fi, if you're on Lion), click the "Advanced..." button. In the drop-down pane, you'll see under "Airport"/"Wi-Fi" a list of so called "Preferred Networks". Delete the one you're using. When you reconnect, keep the "Remember this Network" box checked.

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