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Update. Okay, I originally made this as a question when I intended to make it as a thread of TV compatible apps. Still, feel free to ask a question of such apps as I'll try them out. Below are two apps I discovered that works full screen on a TV.

  • Real Racing 2 HD
  • Veoh HD

Any others?

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Try navigating to the iTunes App Store, select Games and search for full hd. Result shows you iPhone, iPad and other results. Select iPad and check if something suits you.

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That doesn't work, the results shows iPad apps that are in HD but not for an external television. (Such as Angry Birds HD). My question is not how to find such apps, rather for letting other users list new TV compatible apps. I'll rewrite the original question. – Tsitra360 May 1 '11 at 4:35

iPad2 has a new feature: HDMI mirroring. The new Apple Digital AV Adapter lets you plug your iPad into an HDMI equipped TV. Mirroring enables every app and the iPad’s OS itself to be shown on an external monitor.

So every game can be shown on your big screen TV.

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Yes, but what games plays natively on the TV without the black bars on the sides? Such as the game I listed (Real Racing 2 HD) plays full screen and converts the iPad as a separate secondary screen. – Tsitra360 May 1 '11 at 5:36

Max Adventure is a fullscreen game via hdmi. Just set video out resolution at the beginning.

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sonic and sega all stars racing

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