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I'm having some issues after receiving 2 calls from anyone. So this is how it happened:

(NOTE: This errors happens when my iphone is locked and the screen is turned off)

Sometimes people call me when I'm busy at work and I can't answer them. After receiving 2 or more calls from anyone, the iPhone freezes when it displays the message: "Do you to send a text message?"

At the first time I can press the "Cancel" option. However, after receiving the second call it displays the same message but it freezes immediately. I can't do anything unless I make a call using Siri. When Siri calls, the iPhone "unfreezes" itself. I tried making 2 calls to an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 5C and the same error occurs.

It seems this is an OS error. Have anyone noticed this? Does someone know how to fix this error?


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