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How do I upgrade my ipad 1st generation ios from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6.0 so that I can use more apps from the app store?

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You cannot. The first generation iPad simply does not support later iOS versions than 5.1.1.

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Besides that you can't do that, you really don't want to do that. The reason is the original iPad only has 256MB of DDR RAM. It's pretty amazing that Apple squeezed out so much wonderful functionality out of that puny amount of RAM (by today's standards). Subsequent versions of iPads doubled and quadrupled the amount of RAM, and subsequent versions of iOS has added many new and exciting features that would, if capable of running on the original iPad, cause it to slow it to a crawl and cause many "out of memory" crashes and reboots.

IMO, it is part of Apple's plan to get you to purchase new hardware every two years by introducing new features rapidly, as incentive to update the software. Apple, however, prevents the possibility of going backwards or downgrading (which is an ordinary and necessary feature of all mature operating systems), so that if you cripple your device by upgrading, you are then forced to buy new hardware from Apple if you want a satisfying user experience. To stop Apple from forcing you to buy new hardware, all you have to do is resist upgrading iOS (and the matching version of iTunes) once they announce a new version of your hardware, and your device will continue to work as it did the day it was new... until it wears out.

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