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How can I remove Finder tags from all files in a given folder and in its subfolders?

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I wish I had an answer, I'm curious as well. If you're handy with the shell then the mdfind command may be part of your solution in the end. Good luck. – Charlie Wilson May 12 '14 at 20:16

You can use Homebrew's tag:

brew install tag
tag -r /path/*

You can combine this with a find command to find specific files/folders + recursive.

find . -exec tag -r {} \;  -print
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You can also use xattr:

xattr -dr ~/folder
xattr -dr ~/folder

If you don't delete the extended attributes, Finder keeps showing the color labels for tags with colors. If you don't want to keep any extended attributes, you can just run xattr -cr ~/folder.

You can use find -xattrname or mdfind to find files with tags:

find ~/folder -xattrname
mdfind -onlyin ~/folder kMDItemUserTags=\*
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