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When using QuickLook to quickly look through multiple images (pressing space and then using the arrow keys to navigate), some images will not get displayed by QuickLook when hitting them up a second time (going back for example).

A GIF does a much better job than me showcasing the issue. So here's me previewing a few random images:


I have tried deleting

~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.QuickLookDaemon.plist ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.QuickLookDaemon/Cache.db ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.QuickLookDaemon32/Cache.db ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.quicklook.ui.helper

and restarting, unfortunately to no avail.

Repairing permissions and restarting the Finder in 32-bit mode, as suggested by others, don't appear to have any effect on this issue either.

This happens with all kinds of images, no matter their source or format.

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If only more people explained their problem with a GIF… :) –  George Garside Apr 26 at 19:19
I have the same problem. OS X 10.9.2 did you fix it at the end? –  GianPaJ Jun 10 at 23:52
Unfortunately nothing so far. At the moment I'm almost hoping it won't bug me enough until switching to Yosemite later this year, but that's hardly a solution. –  Kilian Koeltzsch Jun 11 at 8:28
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A temporary solution is to press ALT (twice) when presented with a grey image.

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Whilst this is not a solution, this is a pretty damn awesome workaround. Thank you for this! –  Kilian Koeltzsch Jun 17 at 11:46
Thank you, a million times. –  palaniraja Jul 10 at 6:06
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This might be some kind of rendering bug due to switching between images 'too fast' for the Mac to handle. In theory it could be due to the filesize and/or image dimensions that makes it a bit harder to render the images fast enough when scrolling through them quickly. Although they should be cached for a little while after viewing them so I wouldn't think this is the case.

I read here that there has been an occuring problem with Mavericks and QuickLook since the start and apparently it's not fixed yet. Hopefully some of the tips listed in that link is somewhat helpful for you. I'll google some more and edit this comment if I find something else of interest.

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Thanks for the link, but unfortunately none of the mentioned solutions seem to be able to help :( –  Kilian Koeltzsch Apr 26 at 22:45
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