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How can I check if the battery calibration has been done properly?

I followed Apple's steps precisely, but I see no change in the loadCycles, or battery capacity using CoconutBattery.

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Excellent question. Was asking myself how to know I did it right. Your cycle count should have done a +1! – daniel Azuelos Aug 15 '13 at 15:46

Everything you need should be here:

There is no indication as such that you've done it 'properly', other than your 'Cycle count' (in System Profiler -> Hardware -> Power) will go up by one. However calibration doesn't necessarily affect your battery capacity immediately; instead it improves the longevity of your battery, and the accuracy of the battery life readings (in your menu bar) when your laptop is unplugged.

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You might add that calibration process permits MacOS X to approch a more lower battery level. Hence you have a longer autonomy on battery between fully charged and on the reserve (which is slightly above fully empty). – daniel Azuelos Aug 15 '13 at 15:42

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