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I have two macs (Mavericks) plus the latest version of iTunes. What I want to do is to mirror any change I do on one library to the other iTunes library using Google Drive (iTunes Library Mac 1 to iTunes Library Mac 2 and vice versa).

I installed Google Drive on both of my Macs. It works pretty well at mirroring changes in .mp3 files names changes I do (i.e. My_Song.mp3 to MY_SONG.mp3), new files I add or files I delete.

But there are two things I can't sync right now. Playlists and files info attributes (i.e. when I switch the soundtrack Genre of one of my soundtrack it doesn't sync with the same soundtrack on my other mac).

I know I can export+import playlist but I don't know how to actually sync using Google Drive. iTunes has a special way of "storing" playlists. What I want is, for example, I create/modify a playlist on my Mac1 and it sync to Mac2 via Google sync. I allready put all my mp3 files in my Google Drive. That doesn't help synching the two iTunes library.

So, how can I make my playlists + any changes I make on my soundtracks (not the mp3 files) sync between my Macs using Google Drive?

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Have you looked into BitTorrent Sync? Be careful though as iTunes, like iPhoto and Aperture, iTunes can be very picky regarding permissions and attribute files. –  Andrew U. Apr 24 at 15:44
Thanks for your help Andrew. No I didn't looked into BitTorrent Sync. I do not really think Google Drive needs an alternative. I tried Dropbox before Google Drive and had the same questions... Maybe I should ask to apple support website. –  politicus Apr 24 at 16:50

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