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(FYI, I'm using Snow Leopard.) I used to launch Firefox using spotlight by just typing "Firefox" to locate it. Since I didn't launch Firefox often, I didn't want it in my dock, so I just got in that habit.

For some reason, starting last week, spotlight can no longer find Firefox. I type "firefox" and I get results (emails, jar files, and so on), but no It's still there, though, sitting my Applications folder and it launches fine when I click on it.

Did I do something to break spotlight? And how should I fix this?

Thanks, Rob

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You can rebuild the total spotlight database by adding your entire drive to the privacy pane in system preferences. Although that might be needed, you could try just adding and then deleting the folder than contains Firefox to see if that helps. This avoids missing all spotlight results while the entire process completes. You could be 3 to 12 hours to rebuild depending on several factors.

Do be sure it's missing by showing all results - if it's not a top hit, rebuilding won't help. In that case try moving it into /Applications or perhaps looking into alternate app launchers (like LaunchBar) that allow you more control over where apps can be stores and more control over regenerating indexes.spotlight privacy

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Erasing free space on the HD loses the Spotlight database; there are probably other ways too. The terminal command

sudo mdutil -i on "/Volumes/<disk-volume-name>"

will rebuild it.

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