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I play Minecraft like many gamers and I am trying to make a profile where I can read the enchanting table language and I cannot get it to work. How do I change the folder that I used to edit it into a jar?

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Compress the contents of the folder then rename the .zip to .jar

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From terminal use:

jar -cvf filename.jar ./foldername

jar works much the same as the unix archive command tar, the parameters cvf mean essentially Create Verbosely Filename which will just display the contents of foldername as they are added into filename.jar.

Instead of create you can use x for extract or t for test extract (aka list).

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Minecraft specifically will also recognize a jar without any compression at all—you can just rename your folder from (for example) 1.7.9 copy to 1.7.9.jar. I find this really useful with Minecraft since I don't have to zip and unzip every time for it to work.

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