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Simply texteditor accesibile from menu bar for making fast snippets?

Do you know some solution or some clever way how to link some text editor to menubar with some icon in top menubar?

The desired app should look something like this: http://www.sourcedrop.net/mac


  • no need for hosting on the Internet
  • using of local files
  • enabling inline editing
  • enabling easy search
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sourcedrop.net/mac this somehow solves my problem even with some overkill that it is hosted on github gist. I dont know how many previous will be displayed in history.... –  andi Apr 16 at 9:21
Note that if you select some text there will be a action in the services menu to paste into a new note (or into a new Aquamacs buffer or similar for other editors) –  Mark Apr 16 at 9:58
If you have a background in Objective-C you can create a menu bar item that simply opens any of the apps in "Buscar 웃"'s answer –  Arc676 Apr 16 at 11:06
@Arc676 I think Buscar deleted his answer... Anyway I think about few menubar apps as my free-time-development projects ;) –  andi Apr 16 at 12:58

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NoteAway is a free* menu bar oriented notes app that seems ideal for your situation.


* with pro in app purchase

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